Most Popular Sports Events in Istanbul

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A holiday in Istanbul can be extremely beautiful because this metropolis is full of amazing attractions not to mention the delicious cuisine that it is appreciated all over the world. However, if you are passionate about sports then you will also have the occasion to attend some of the most impressive sports events in the city. Here is what you must not miss.

Istanbul Marathon

This unique event takes place every year in Istanbul. You can either participate in this marathon as a runner or you could just watch it. Either way, we are sure you will have lots of fun and experience something truly amazing. Runners will start their route in the Asian part and finish it at the European side of the city. During this journey, they will actually cross the Bosphorus and enjoy lovely views.

Bosphorus Swimming Race

If you are passionate about swimming and you plan to visit Turkey, then make sure you go to Istanbul as well for this wonderful Bosphorus Swimming Race. If you would like to participate as a swimmer then you must be very well trained as this race is extremely challenging. This Asia to Europe swimming competition takes place every year and participants are from every corner of the world. Actually, this is not just a swimming race but a massive event as well.

Extreme Sailing Series

You must not miss the Extreme Sailing Series sports events while you are in Istanbul. It is something truly vibrant and interesting to see at the same time. Around 40 sailors will compete alongside the stunning Bosphorus. Anyone who is interested in this event and wants to watch it but is traveling alone can request the services of an escort. In Istanbul, you can quickly find an escort : to accompany you to all sort of events. Some of these girls are not paid only for offering pleasure but for spending time with the clients as well. Just make sure you ask the agency if it offers escorts for company as well.

TEB BNP Paribas

If you love tennis then we recommend you to attend the TEB BNP Paribas event in Istanbul. This is actually the best tennis tournament of the year, and it takes place in Koza World of Sports. Not only Turkish people come to this tournament but lots of foreigners as well. Therefore, if you are passionate about this sport and you want to experience it in Turkey as well, then you should travel to Istanbul at the time the event is being organized.

Cycling Tour of Turkey

This Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey is quite unique and it witnesses high-level competition of professional athletes and teams in Turkey. The whole event is a massive one where we guarantee you will have lots of fun. You can bring the whole family with you, as this tour is for people of all ages. If you decide to attend it then you must have a look at the official website and see exactly when you can book your tickets.

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