Different Types of Cycling

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Nowadays increasingly more people all over the world have adopted a very healthy lifestyle, which is absolutely great. Beside a very healthy food, the physical exercise has also become a very important part of people’s lives. Most of them run or cycle regularly in order to stay fit. We will talk in this article about different types of cycling you can choose in order to highly improve your overall health and also have fun in your free time.


This type of cycling is actually some sort of hybrid of mountain biking and road racing. Those who participate to a cyclecross race actually ride over an off-road course. If you choose this type of activity then you must make sure you have a very good cyclecross bicycle which basically looks like a racing machine. The tires are thin and the frame geometry is light and stiff. You will probably find quite hard cycle crossing at the beginning but soon you will relax and ride the bicycle like a professional. The good news is that the whole family can try cycle crossing and this can actually became a very healthy and regular activity for your children as well.

Mountain Biking

Anyone who is interested in challenging experiences must definitely go for mountain biking. This off-road cycling includes obstacle-ridden terrains that are very difficult to go. However, the activity itself is a very interesting one and only those who are adventure seekers should try it. The key to mountain riding is avoiding the obstacles you encounter in your way. Furthermore, you must be fit as you will need to pedal quite a lot. Mountain terrains require a solid pedaling technique and significant endurance as well. However, an experience like that will surely be unforgettable. As a suggestion, try mountain biking not only on the mountain roads but on the forest roads as well. This way you will be able to experience something different and again extremely challenging. Take your friends with you as these areas are not supposed to be crossed alone.

Road and Race

If you have a bit more experience with the bicycle then you can go for road and race cycling. The races of this type take place only on paved roads. In this race, the participants cycle over varied terrain using bicycles that are extremely light, responsive and stiff as well. No other types will help you have the necessary speed to win a race like this. Due to the fact that lots of events require not only speed but endurance as well, these bicycles are equipped with light and thin tires, carbon fiber frames, and heavy gearing systems. All these components allow the cyclist to lose very little power when pedaling. You can either choose road &  race cycling as a professional and therefore participate in different races, or you can choose it as a hobby. No matter what option you go for, you will certainly have lots of fun and this type of activity will soon become an important part of your life.

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