Best Marathons in the World

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Running is without a doubt a sport that can help you stay healthy and also build a very beautiful body. Therefore, whether you are a professional or just a beginner you will surely find this article very interesting. We will show you the best marathons in the world which you can attend in order to have fun and exceed your limits.

Boston Marathon

We begin our list with this wonderful marathon that takes place in Boston every year, in April. This is actually the oldest marathon in the world which is still extremely popular at the moment. It provides a net downhill course with plenty of landmarks and an excellent big-city finish. If you want to participate then you will need to meet a few rigorous standards. On the other hand, if you do not fancy running then you can just attend and enjoy to the fullest this amazing event.

Istanbul Marathon

Turkey is also the place where a famous marathon takes place every year. Istanbul hosts this wonderful event and people all over the world come here to watch the race and to participate as well. This marathon took place for the first time in 1979 and since then it has become iconic to this city. The race course has changed three times over the years, and that’s the reason why winning times actually vary in those specific periods. The race starts on the Asian side of Istanbul and it ends in the European part, at Sultanahmet. During this route, you will have the chance to enjoy outstanding views of the city and Bosphorus.

Athens Authentic Marathon

Athens is without a doubt a very beautiful city to visit and if you go there in November then you will have the chance to attend the Athens Authentic Marathon. This race is 26.2 miles long and it starts at the ancient city of Marathon to Athens. As you run you will pass through the scenic hills of the city. Every year runners from all over the world join this event in order to have fun and also take part in the historic tradition of the marathon.

Marine Corps Marathon

This race is actually called ‘’The People’s Marathon’’ and it is one of the largest events of this type in the US. More than this the marathon is considered the best race for beginners. Therefore, if you like running and you are a beginner then don’t hesitate and attend this race in the US, which takes place in April. Take your kids with you as they are allowed to participate as well.

Tokyo Marathon

Not only you will see some fascinating location if you visit Tokyo but you will also be able to stay in shape if you participate in this marathon in February. During the whole race, you will pass through the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station, and Tokyo Tower as well. Since you will be in this city you must not forget to stop at the Tokyo Marathon Expo which is fascinating and which it boasts 60,000 visitors every year.


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