Most Popular Sports Events in Istanbul

A holiday in Istanbul can be extremely beautiful because this metropolis is full of amazing attractions not to mention the delicious cuisine that it is appreciated all over the world. However, if you are passionate about sports then you will also have the occasion to attend some of the most impressive sports events in the city. Here is what you must not miss.

Istanbul Marathon

This unique event takes place every year in Istanbul. You can either participate in this marathon as a runner or you could just watch it. Either way, we are sure you will have lots of fun and experience something truly amazing. Runners will start their route in the Asian part and finish it at the European side of the city. During this journey, they will actually cross the Bosphorus and enjoy lovely views.

Bosphorus Swimming Race

If you are passionate about swimming and you plan to visit Turkey, then make sure you go to Istanbul as well for this wonderful Bosphorus Swimming Race. If you would like to participate as a swimmer then you must be very well trained as this race is extremely challenging. This Asia to Europe swimming competition takes place every year and participants are from every corner of the world. Actually, this is not just a swimming race but a massive event as well.

Extreme Sailing Series

You must not miss the Extreme Sailing Series sports events while you are in Istanbul. It is something truly vibrant and interesting to see at the same time. Around 40 sailors will compete alongside the stunning Bosphorus. Anyone who is interested in this event and wants to watch it but is traveling alone can request the services of an escort. In Istanbul, you can quickly find an escort : to accompany you to all sort of events. Some of these girls are not paid only for offering pleasure but for spending time with the clients as well. Just make sure you ask the agency if it offers escorts for company as well. Some of the other sites to look for an escort are :

TEB BNP Paribas

If you love tennis then we recommend you to attend the TEB BNP Paribas event in Istanbul. This is actually the best tennis tournament of the year, and it takes place in Koza World of Sports. Not only Turkish people come to this tournament but lots of foreigners as well. Therefore, if you are passionate about this sport and you want to experience it in Turkey as well, then you should travel to Istanbul at the time the event is being organized.

Cycling Tour of Turkey

This Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey is quite unique and it witnesses high-level competition of professional athletes and teams in Turkey. The whole event is a massive one where we guarantee you will have lots of fun. You can bring the whole family with you, as this tour is for people of all ages. If you decide to attend it then you must have a look at the official website and see exactly when you can book your tickets.

Excellent Cycling Routes in Turkey

Turkey is not only a country where you can visit lots of amazing attractions but it is also an excellent place for cycling. There are many beautiful routes that are quite challenging and that will offer you a wonderful experience. We will show you in the following some of the best ones so that you can find a lot easier to make the right choice for you.

Choose the St. Paul’s Way

This route is actually made up of two wonderful trails and both of them stretch along mountain trails and the Roman paths. The first one starts in Perge, which is very close to Antalya Airport and it ends at Erdigir, up to 2.200 meters. On the other hand, the second one starts at Aspendos and joins the first route and it ends at the Roman archaeological excavation of Adada. Along these routes, you will enjoy amazing views and beautiful gardens, you will breathe a very fresh air, and you can also spend the night in one of the several hostels that can be found in that area. All in all, we strongly recommend you the St. Paul’s Way cycling route which is very popular all over the world.

Cycle from Istanbul to Teheran

Ankara is a very beautiful area of Turkey and if you really want to reach it you will need to pedal for about 4 days, which is quite a lot, especially if you are a beginner. However, if you want something truly challenging and vibrant, then definitely choose this cycling route. Leave from Istanbul and continue your journey down to beyond Turkey’s border with Iran. The last city on your route will be Tatvan, which is very famous for Turkish Van’s fins, and it is located on the shores of the Van Lake. The whole area that actually surrounds Lake Van was in the past the place of origin for the Urartu Kingdom. We recommend you to stop and try the kebab cuisine which is absolutely excellent.

Try the Route from Izmir to Bodrum

The whole journey from Izmir to the beautiful Bodrum will take you around five days, but the views you are going to see on this amazing route are without a doubt breathtaking. Basically, you will travel along the seafront and several lakes as well. On this occasion, you will have the opportunity to visit the Temple of Artemis and the ancient ruins of Efes. You can stop for some rest in one of the many picturesque guesthouses located in this region. The budget that this cycling route requires is somewhere around $600 – $700. However, the experience will surely be an unforgettable one as this route is without a doubt one of the most fulfilling ones in Turkey. All in all, Turkey is an absolutely stunning country from many points of view including amazing cycling routes that you will absolutely love. Some of them are for the whole family whereas others are recommended only for experienced cyclers. However, fun and good mood are without a doubt guaranteed.




Different Types of Cycling

Nowadays increasingly more people all over the world have adopted a very healthy lifestyle, which is absolutely great. Beside a very healthy food, the physical exercise has also become a very important part of people’s lives. Most of them run or cycle regularly in order to stay fit. We will talk in this article about different types of cycling you can choose in order to highly improve your overall health and also have fun in your free time.


This type of cycling is actually some sort of hybrid of mountain biking and road racing. Those who participate to a cyclecross race actually ride over an off-road course. If you choose this type of activity then you must make sure you have a very good cyclecross bicycle which basically looks like a racing machine. The tires are thin and the frame geometry is light and stiff. You will probably find quite hard cycle crossing at the beginning but soon you will relax and ride the bicycle like a professional. The good news is that the whole family can try cycle crossing and this can actually became a very healthy and regular activity for your children as well.

Mountain Biking

Anyone who is interested in challenging experiences must definitely go for mountain biking. This off-road cycling includes obstacle-ridden terrains that are very difficult to go. However, the activity itself is a very interesting one and only those who are adventure seekers should try it. The key to mountain riding is avoiding the obstacles you encounter in your way. Furthermore, you must be fit as you will need to pedal quite a lot. Mountain terrains require a solid pedaling technique and significant endurance as well. However, an experience like that will surely be unforgettable. As a suggestion, try mountain biking not only on the mountain roads but on the forest roads as well. This way you will be able to experience something different and again extremely challenging. Take your friends with you as these areas are not supposed to be crossed alone.

Road and Race

If you have a bit more experience with the bicycle then you can go for road and race cycling. The races of this type take place only on paved roads. In this race, the participants cycle over varied terrain using bicycles that are extremely light, responsive and stiff as well. No other types will help you have the necessary speed to win a race like this. Due to the fact that lots of events require not only speed but endurance as well, these bicycles are equipped with light and thin tires, carbon fiber frames, and heavy gearing systems. All these components allow the cyclist to lose very little power when pedaling. You can either choose road &  race cycling as a professional and therefore participate in different races, or you can choose it as a hobby. No matter what option you go for, you will certainly have lots of fun and this type of activity will soon become an important part of your life.

Best Marathons in the World

Running is without a doubt a sport that can help you stay healthy and also build a very beautiful body. Therefore, whether you are a professional or just a beginner you will surely find this article very interesting. We will show you the best marathons in the world which you can attend in order to have fun and exceed your limits.

Boston Marathon

We begin our list with this wonderful marathon that takes place in Boston every year, in April. This is actually the oldest marathon in the world which is still extremely popular at the moment. It provides a net downhill course with plenty of landmarks and an excellent big-city finish. If you want to participate then you will need to meet a few rigorous standards. On the other hand, if you do not fancy running then you can just attend and enjoy to the fullest this amazing event.

Istanbul Marathon

Turkey is also the place where a famous marathon takes place every year. Istanbul hosts this wonderful event and people all over the world come here to watch the race and to participate as well. This marathon took place for the first time in 1979 and since then it has become iconic to this city. The race course has changed three times over the years, and that’s the reason why winning times actually vary in those specific periods. The race starts on the Asian side of Istanbul and it ends in the European part, at Sultanahmet. During this route, you will have the chance to enjoy outstanding views of the city and Bosphorus.

Athens Authentic Marathon

Athens is without a doubt a very beautiful city to visit and if you go there in November then you will have the chance to attend the Athens Authentic Marathon. This race is 26.2 miles long and it starts at the ancient city of Marathon to Athens. As you run you will pass through the scenic hills of the city. Every year runners from all over the world join this event in order to have fun and also take part in the historic tradition of the marathon.

Marine Corps Marathon

This race is actually called ‘’The People’s Marathon’’ and it is one of the largest events of this type in the US. More than this the marathon is considered the best race for beginners. Therefore, if you like running and you are a beginner then don’t hesitate and attend this race in the US, which takes place in April. Take your kids with you as they are allowed to participate as well.

Tokyo Marathon

Not only you will see some fascinating location if you visit Tokyo but you will also be able to stay in shape if you participate in this marathon in February. During the whole race, you will pass through the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station, and Tokyo Tower as well. Since you will be in this city you must not forget to stop at the Tokyo Marathon Expo which is fascinating and which it boasts 60,000 visitors every year.